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Coinstore Labs Launches UBIT Blockchain Ecosystem Hackathon 2024 with 200,000 USDT Prize Pool

Coinstore Labs, the groundbreaking accelerator arm of Coinstore Group, is thrilled to announce the launch of the UBIT Blockchain Ecosystem Hackathon 2024. This dynamic 21-day event, designed to spark innovation in the bustling crypto space, boasts an impressive 200,000 USDT prize pool. We invite Web 3 and DeFi developers to participate in this landmark initiative, set to kick off on June 22 and wrap up on July 12. Media partners supporting this event include Bitdigest, Blockpedia, Coinedition, CoinGabbar, Voice of Crypto, ConnectWeb 3, Cryptic Web3, and The News Crypto. 


We are also excited to announce our strategic partnership with D^2 Labs, the innovative force behind data-driven marketing solutions. This collaboration with D^2 Labs will bring unparalleled expertise and resources to the hackathon, enhancing the experience and opportunities for all participants. 


The UBIT Blockchain Ecosystem is redefining the crypto landscape with its unique features and advanced technology. UBITs blockchain ensures secure transactions, transparency, and immutability, marking a new era of possibilities. This comprehensive ecosystem is set to revolutionize the crypto world with its innovative approach and cutting-edge solutions. 


Join the Revolution: A Hackathon Like No Other 


Coinstore Labs, with an initial capital of $30 million, is committed to empowering visionary entrepreneurs and driving progress in the global blockchain industry. The UBIT Blockchain Ecosystem Hackathon 2024 aims to achieve several key objectives: 

  • Showcase the features and benefits of the UBIT Blockchain, boosting its visibility. 
  • Enrich the UBIT Ecosystem by encouraging the deployment of DApps. 
  • Increase UBITs Total Value Locked (TVL). 
  • Enhance user experience by improving the interactivity of the UBIT blockchain. 

Participants will not only gain recognition but also have the chance to win substantial rewards. The prize pool includes a grand prize of $20,000 UBIT, with $10,000 UBIT awarded for each track. Additionally, participants will receive support packages valued at 100,000 USDT, including access to the Coinstore Launchpad, listing fee coverage, and marketing campaigns. Grant funds of up to 80,000 USDT are also available to support project development and innovation. 


Exciting Tracks and Opportunities 


The hackathon features two distinct tracks, each offering unique challenges and opportunities: 

  1. WEB3: Explore GameFi, AI, Metaverse, DID, SocialFi, and NFT Marketplace. 
  1. DeFi: Dive into DEX, Swap, Derivatives, Launchpad, Lending, Payment, and more. 


To aid participants, a series of informative workshops will be held on July 1 and July 2, providing valuable insights into the UBIT Blockchain and personalized guidance to maximize their potential. 


Submission Guidelines and Evaluation 


Projects must be submitted by July 12, 2024, following the guidelines set by the organizers. Submissions should include a project demo URL, a 10-minute demo video, a textual description of the projects features and functionality, and a brief introduction of team members. The esteemed panel of judges will evaluate originality, technical prowess, business viability, usability, and ecosystem contribution. 


Join the Future of Blockchain Technology 


Coinstore Labs, in collaboration with D^2 Labs, invites all passionate developers, innovators, and blockchain enthusiasts to join us in shaping the future of UBIT and pioneering the next frontier of blockchain technology. The UBIT Blockchain Ecosystem Hackathon 2024 is your canvas to bring groundbreaking ideas to life, propelling the blockchain industry to new heights. 


Register now: CoinstoreXUBIT Hacakthon Register Link 

Unlock the limitless potential of the crypto universe at the UBIT Blockchain Ecosystem Hackathon 2024! For more details, visit hackathon/detail. 


Contact Information:


Website: Coinstore Official Website Twitter: @CoinstoreExc 

LinkedIn: Coinstore 

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