Leading the future of crypto marketing
with unparalleled expertise.

We are an all-encompassing blockchain incubator focused on building,
marketing, and investing in innovative blockchain solutions.


We Launched our services in 2020

helped over 100 blockchain projects on their way to success by bringing them together with the necessary target group to convey their messages.


The most advanced network in crypto

With a team and network consisting of experienced digital marketing experts and developers, we are offering our one-stop-shop marketing solutions to the projects that want to catch attention in the dynamic space of cryptocurrencies.

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Our Team


Arya Nedaee

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Stijn Dobbelaar

Chief Operations Officer

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Sylvio Vincenzo

Chief Marketing Officer

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Gino Firaza

Chief Business Development Officer

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Mert Dinleyici

Legal Advisor

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David Jimoh

R&D Lead

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Thyz Muszynsky

Social Media & Digital Strategist

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Pauli Saav

BD & PR Specialist

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Yara Khairat

Software Developer

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Sander A. Arrunategui

BD & Sales Specialist

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Mikaela Lopez

Executive Assistant

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Content Writer

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Teeo Peters


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Adibe Kelvin


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Alex Barbulescu


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Jhany Nasc

Community Manager & Moderator

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AMA Host

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& 30+ more.

Cryptic Web3
Cryptic Web3
Cryptic Web3


The Marketing Solution for Businesses on The Blockchain



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Wilhelminakade 173, 3072 AP

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Building A1, Dubai Digital Park

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